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H2 Visa Consultants, LLC is a U.S. based agency that represents American employers in the complicated processes associated with utilizing the H-2A and H-2B visa programs. Whether applying for a labor certification with DOL, petitioning with USCIS, making consulate appointments for your temporary workers abroad or dealing with a post-certification audit, H2 Visa Consultants, LLC remains a full-service agency that aides its clients in every facet of the complicated H-2A and H-2B processes. Most H2 agencies/attorneys nationally handle only a portion of the overall aspects of these programs, and then passes the employer onto various separate agencies/attorneys/foreign recruiters to handle the remainder. Although often industry standard, this practice generally only has the result of lowering the accountability of industry representatives, adding additional layers of confusion and complication to the employer, and decreasing the overall likelihood of user success. Such a model runs contradictory to our vision of the standard of customer service required to ensure employer success in these programs.

H2 Visa Consultants, LLC’s model of a full-service agency that provides 365-day support has set a new standard for the industry, ensures greater representative accountability, limits complications and confusion, and increases the likelihood of user success. We believe that this is what vastly sets us apart from the majority of competing agencies in the country. Don’t trust just any agency with the future of your livelihood. Contact H2 Visa Consultants, LLC today to speak with a personal case manager, and find out why we are one of the fastest growing and most equipped H-2A and H-2B agencies in the industry today.

From construction to hospitality to landscaping to every facet of agriculture, H2 Visa Consultants, LLC staff have successfully processed virtually every type of H-2A or H-2B application, in representation of virtually every industry that utilizes these programs. H2 Visa Consultants, LLC also remains one of the highest output filing agents for successfully filing Custom Combine Harvesting and Commercial Itinerant Beekeepers temporary labor certification applications with DOL within the country in the H-2A program. These types of applications fall under specialty regulations and are arguably the most complicated type of H-2A or H-2B that can be filed period. Our position as an absolute leader in these types of applications shows our level of sophistication within the H-2A and H-2B programs, and outlines our ability to competently handle any case where the employer is eligible, no matter how complicated.

H2 Visa Consultants, LLC is not a foreign recruiter or agent and does not perform the work of one. To properly represent our clients however we have active relationships with counterparts overseas in a variety of countries that handle these important processes such as consulate appointments for workers or flight arrangements that follow. Unlike most agencies we do not pass our clients onto various foreign counterparts to fend for themselves with these difficult processes. Rather, we maintain a professional and accountable relationship with various recruiters/assistants in these countries, and work directly with them on our clients’ behalf to ensure that ethical standards are met overseas and the best chances for timely worker arrivals are obtained.

We maintain these relationships for U.S. employers for processing in this capacity from the following nations currently: MEXICO, SOUTH AFRICA, UKRAINE, NICARAGUA, JAMAICA, PERU, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, URUGUAY, BULGARIA, MOLDOVA, AND THE PHILIPPINES. We have painstakingly developed a trusting and professional relationship that we stand by 100% with our counterparts in these countries, and are fully confident of our overseas associates work on our client’s cases. Please also note that we may work in a country or aide an employer in hiring a worker from a country that is not on this list, but that we simply are unlikely to have an active agreement with a qualified, screened and trustworthy partner in that particular nation. Please contact our customer service line should you require additional information about separate nations that are eligible to participate in the H2 programs