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Global partnerships ensuring ethical and timely worker arrivals.
Our Overseas Collaborations

Direct Engagement for Client Confidence

H2 Visa Consultants, LLC is not a foreign recruiter or agent and does not perform the work of one. To properly represent our clients however we have active relationships with counterparts overseas in a variety of countries that handle these important processes such as consulate appointments for workers or flight arrangements that follow.

Unlike most agencies we do not pass our clients onto various foreign counterparts to fend for themselves with these difficult processes. Rather, we maintain a professional and accountable relationship with various recruiters/assistants in these countries, and work directly with them on our clients’ behalf to ensure that ethical standards are met overseas and the best chances for timely worker arrivals are obtained.

Ensuring Client Success Worldwide

International Support Network

We maintain these relationships for U.S. employers for processing in this capacity from the following nations currently: Mexico, South Africa, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Moldova and the Philippines. We have painstakingly developed a trusting and professional relationship that we stand by 100% with our counterparts in these countries, and are fully confident of our overseas associates work on our client’s cases.

Beyond the List

Expanding Our Reach

Please also note that we may work in a country or aide an employer in hiring a worker from a country that is not on this list, but that we simply are unlikely to have an active agreement with a qualified, screened and trustworthy partner in that particular nation.

Please contact our customer service line should you require additional information about separate nations that are eligible to participate in the H2 programs.

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